​Valencya Thompson is the wife of Jerrell Thompson and mother of Justice Thompson and Broughton Thompson who resides in the metroAtlanta community. She owns, alongside her husband, Write The Vision Creative Works (TM), LLC and its subsidiary, The God Please Clean My Room Project (TM), LLC; Christian publishing, media, production, and education companies. 

Valencya and Jerrell founded the #fertilityhopeministry. This ministry is most dear to their hearts and can be found on Facebook & Instagram @fertilityhope and on other social media platforms under the hashtag #fertilityhope. Through this ministry, The Thompsons share their testimony of overcoming miscarriages through the birth of their two children so that couples facing this battle will know that they are not alone! To connect with  #fertilityhope ministry, please email fertilityhopeministry@gmail.com. 

Valencya and Jerrell are producers of 2 Sides, the stage play, written - including original music, by Valencya Thompson. Thompson is also the Owner and Editor - in - Chief of Good People Great Things (GPGT) - TM Magazine and the author of God Please Clean My Room Children's Book and its accompaniments!

Valencya has been blessed to collaborate as a writer, co-producer, and actor for Healing Footprints Foundation, Inc.'s SIPS WITH SUNAE' Monologue Series I: The Vilomah Experience with Kierra Sunae' Taplin. This monologue series covers pregnancy and infant loss to bring more awareness to this issue that plagues many families. 


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Valencya is a publisher, playwright, songwriter, a journalist, an author, a poet, a preacher, a speaker, and an artist.

In addition to her own creative projects, Valencya enjoys collaboration and publishing the works of other fellow creatives! Valencya also contracts services for copywriting, graphic design, logo creation, ghost writing, and editing for all genres of writing. Valencya is available for bookings and will come to preach, speak, or MC at your next event!  For any and all professional or ministerial inquiries, please contact  info@valencyathompson.com.

Valencya will gladly tailor a package to meet your business or ministry needs!


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